I know you - Gallery Show


People come into our lives in an instant and that first moment may be the only moment you get. It's hard to tell what kind of presence someone will have in your life. Will you only know them in passing? Maybe a year from now they'll be your dearest friend. My art is about these quick, immediate impressions. I move quickly through the drawing dipping my pen nib in a well of black ink to commit these permanent lines to paper in a reflection of that permanent mark people leave on our lives. It can be scary. There's no erasing once the impression has been made. Sometimes that fear overtakes me while working. I slow down in my drawing, becoming more careful and controlling of the mark I want to leave behind. It's at this moment that I move things out of my control by intentionally splattering the paper with ink. The drops fall wherever the flick of my wrist sends them and I'm free from the burden of control. I'm able to work quickly and unafraid again. 

Some people move beyond the first meeting and become a fixture in our lives. Others are only a memory of a moment.
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